Our Associates

We are proud to have more than 4000 strong business associates across India. They have been engaged with the organisation for more than a decade. We provide a cost-effective business model which ensures high returns with nominal initial investment. Our goal is to enjoy mutual growth and work towards increasing revenue in harmony with our associates.

One of our objectives is to create entrepreneurs. A clear focus is given to infrastructure in addition to a healthy profit zone. We train and offer ample guidance and mentoring to our associates to set up franchises which in turn helps to spread our presence.

We offer three types of franchise structures to suit individual entrepreneurs:

1. Single unit business associate franchise: An authorized representative of the company who is appointed at a specific area under a specific pin code. He/she will be responsible for inbound deliveries. There may be multiple single unit associates where the pin code area is vast or the volume of consignments is high.

He/she will be responsible for increasing revenue at his location and/or surrounding areas. All necessary provision for business development will be provided Trackon.

2. Master business associate: An authorized representative of the company who is appointed at a specific area under a specific pin code in a major city or a metropolitan area. This is a bigger franchise than a ‘Single business associate franchise’. Operations will be similar to a mini hub which covers several pin codes. An office space of about 750 to 800 sq.ft. with necessary infrastructure, systems, manpower, vehicles and accessible over a strategic location in the city is a must.

He/she will be responsible for appointing Single Unit Business Associates in potential areas from the allotted area which might not be covered at that time. The focus will remain at increasing the revenue and expanding the network of the company.

3. Super business associate: An authorised representative of the company and appointed at a district headquarter in the tier II / tier III cities of a state.

Responsible for business development, network expansion where network expansion may be achieved by appointing single unit franchises at all potential locations/areas in the district and talukas.

An office space of about 1000-1200 sq. ft. with necessary infrastructure, systems, manpower and vehicles at a strategic location in the town to handle all inbounds and outbound shipments to and from the district is a must.

If you are interested in joing Trackon as a business associate please fill the form given below and mail us at cpdev.delhi2@trackon.in

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For any other queries please see business enquiry.