Volumetric Information
Light-weight consignments occupying a large space due to dimensions need to be charged as per the volumetric weight calculations as follows:
Volumetric Image - Surface Mode
Domestic Surface Mode:

Volumetric Weight = LxBxH / 5000 in centimetres

Domestic Air Mode:

Volumetric Weight = LxBxH / 6000 in centimetres

Road Express:

Volumetric Weight = LxBxH / 4500 in centimetres

International Shipments:

Volumetric Weight = LxBxH / 5000 in centimetres

Parcels having length of more than 110 cm in Air & 180cm in Surface mode, the weight will be charged doubled. Similarly, a single piece of more than 80 kgs cannot be booked without an added cost and a prior approval from the operations department